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AAMCO was perfect! They were extremely helpful throughout the process of fixing my vehicle. My Chrysler is running better than ever. Thanks AAMCO!

Jeff B

2003 Chrysler Town December, 2013 Local

AAMCO rebuilt the whole transmission on my Ford and they did not disappoint. Everything was done on time and extremely well. I will certainly be back here. Recommend everyone checks them out!

Charles B

1999 Ford F150 December, 2013 Local

Friendly, professional and quick service by the guys here at AAMCO! I have been using my car a lot lately and it has not given me any problems whatsoever. I would certainly recommend them to everyone!

James S

2001 Dodge Ram December, 2013 Local

AAMCO was amazing! The guys here are very knowledgeable and polite. The service was efficient and clean. I will certainly come back to AAMCO in the future.

Steven S

2007 Honda Accord December, 2013 Local

The guys here were great! They did a terrific job on my Toyota. They were extremely knowledgeable and friendly mechanics. I highly recommend them!

Michael F

2007 Toyota Corolla December, 2013 Local

Extremely satisfied with the work AAMCO did on my Ford. The final price was fair and reasonable. I will certainly be back for all my car needs.

Brian G

2003 Buick Lesabre December, 2013 Local

As good as it gets! AAMCO has the best customer service. They worked very efficiently. The staff are all professionals. Truly honest shop!

Oliver D

2006 Ford F150 December, 2013 Local

They were excellent from start to finish. The mechanics definitely know what they are doing since my vehicle has not given me any problems whatsoever. I strongly recommend this shop!

Aaron D

2006 Chevrolet Express December, 2013 Local

They are a fantastic group of mechanics! Highly trained people and extremely friendly. I will without a doubt continue to use them! Thanks AAMCO!

Jerry D

2003 Chevrolet Impala December, 2013 Local

The work that they did on my Jeep was outstanding, I have no complaints about them whatsoever. I felt that the final price was reasonable and for that I advocate their work!

Michael N

2004 Jeep Wrangler December, 2013 Local

So far, so good! My Ford has been performing very well. The work was very efficient and timely. I will be back here for all my car needs.

Alison P

2001 Ford Taurus December, 2013 Local

AAMCO was fantastic! Everyone was extremely friendly and courteous towards me. I would definitely recommend them!

Karen B

2005 Volvo S40 December, 2013 Local

A shop you can trust! I was having problems with my car not shifting properly. I bought this Toyota as a used car. Since they don't repair Toyotas they told me to bring it to the AAMCO on Main Street in Woodstock. They send all their foreign cars there for transmission work. I can see why. They are courteous, fast and very reasonable. I couldn't be more pleased. A shop where a female can be right at home.



Great experience! I never thought one repair shop would refer me to another, but that is what happened. I took my car to a local shop and they checked it and said they thought it was my transmission but that was all they could tell me. I asked them who could answer my questions and they said this AAMCO. I took my car in and in about an hour they told me what the problem was and what they needed to do to fix it. One day later I got my car back and it works great. I will visit them with all my automotive repairs and services in the future.



At the end of the day, this company went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied even though originally there were challenges. The true test of a companies commitment is not by what they do right, but how the handle things that go wrong and this place went out of its way to see that things went right.


I called 5 transmission shops to get a quote of a transmission rebuild as I was already aware that my vehicle will need a in-depth repair so it would best to rebuild the transmission considering the age and mileage on the vehicle. Three local transmission shops and two AAMCO franchise locations. The prices ranged between $1600 - $2100 for the repair and one of the AAMCO locations refused to give me even an idea of the rebuild cost. A couple of the local shops promised their price was firm so it would not go up after they started the work. That is what I was looking for, I didn't want to be put in a compromising position after the transmission was all taken apart and then only to be told the repair would cost several hundred more. So after talking to all the shops I immediately removed the one AAMCO (not this one) shop that wanted to inspect it first and only provided a 12 month 12k mile warranty from my list as they did not even want to discuss costs... just wanted me to bring it so they can inspect it. Surprisingly, this AAMCO shop (9880 Main street) was very upfront and honest about the work and gave me ballpark figure and also told me that the price could go about $100 either way and provided a 24month 24k mile warranty in the price. Apparently not all AAMCO locations are the same. After doing more on-line research and review reading I found that this AAMCO was not the cheapest but was the best choice for me as I wanted a quality rebuild and a good national warranty. The location manager here (Mauri) was very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He communicated with me in a timely fashion, I had to call back only once for final quote and status but he had it all ready and explained the charges and completed the work in a very timely manner. All in all, I'm glad I chose this shop for the work. I may have gotten a slightly better deal at a local shop but this shop gave me the peace of mind with a national warranty. I would recommend this shop to friends and family.